Writers’ Caves

Jerekellimi, the Dark's 'private' cave Some writers are fascinated by caves. Two Australian authors Eleanor Dark and Nan Chauncy spent time in caves near where they lived. Chauncy wrote about the caves at the Chauncy Vale wildlife reserve in her first children's book They Found a Cave (1946) which was later made into a film.… Continue reading Writers’ Caves

John Shaw Neilson Memorial Cottage

John Shaw Neilson National Memorial Cottage in Nhill, opened in 1972 Last week, on a lightning trip to Nhill by train and bus, I had the privilege of visiting the poet John Shaw Neilson's cottage, which was moved from Penola in 1961 and opened in 1972. I have long been fascinated by heritage buildings that… Continue reading John Shaw Neilson Memorial Cottage

Eve Langley’s old school

Walking down Albert St in Brunswick yesterday, I noticed some text painted neatly on a wall on the edge of Little Randazzo park. 'The Secretary, Education Dept. Melbourne, School 1213 Brunswick Oct. 28 1889. Sir, I beg to report that the school bell is out of order. The contractor who has just finished the new… Continue reading Eve Langley’s old school

Jane Bridges’ wreath

This wreath made of wildflowers which was displayed at the grave of the 19th century Anglo-Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon was made for him by a 'lost love' Jane Bridges from England and transported to Melbourne by a devoted admirer. It was originally framed and then displayed under a glass dome and finally broken up… Continue reading Jane Bridges’ wreath